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Today Gorselé serves more than 500 customers from different countries. We conclude that every year our customers continue to grow.

With tests, feedback, complaints, evaluations and mails with the customer, we always try to measure the overall customer satisfaction.
We do anything to listen to our customers and collect their remarks. That is why we offer multiple channels at which the customer can reach us, always with the needed discretion.

We already serve these customers

“Some time ago we started working with Gorselé for the transportation of our staff and visitors. Most of our orders are created online with the Online Order System, Gorselé Connect. We like working with the system and Gorselé always provides a correct service.”
BASF Property & Facilty Manager, BASF
Often we like to Gorselé for the transportation of people and documents. They are always one call away and offer a correct price and impeccable service. We are very pleased with our collaboration.
Viki Verschraege, Office Manager Otary RS NV & Rentel NV
“Gorselé levert een prima service die we gebruiken voor het vervoer van blabla bla djiefjeni den”
De Directie, Aertssen
“Bij Gorselé wordt er zéér veel belang gehecht aan stiptheid, veiligheid, netheid en discretie. Er wordt perfect gewerkt volgens de ISO-procedures maar de grootste aandacht gaat nog steeds naar de mens: klanten en werknemers. Daarom is Gorselé voor ons de ideale partner bij het realiseren van onze projecten.”
Koen Bresseleers, Zaakvoerder Cazo